Papp Elek


Papp Elek


He was born on the 20th August 1965, in Nagykőrös, Hungary. A qualified optician, optometrist, contactologist. He graduated as an engineer in 1986, and as a teacher-engineer in 1989 from KKVMF (Kandó Kálmán College of Electrical Engineering) and as an optometrician in 1995 from HIETE (Hajnal Imre University of Medicine) . His master was István Tóth, „The Excellent Photographer of the Century” (New York 1980)

He has had his photos juried on international exhibitions since 2002. He was invited to be a member of PSA by the Association of American Photographers.

His name is among L.M.O. Top 20 in „Who is Who in the Photography 2005” statistics of PSA Journal and 23rd in that of the following year.

His honored titles:

The Photographer of the Year –by TIT (Association of Popular Education) 2004

The Photographer of the Year 2005

The Photographer of the Year 2007

The Photographer of the Year –by TIT 2007

Prima Prize of Mid-Hungary 2007

The title is awarded by the National Society of Hungarian Phototgaphic Art Groups on the basis of awards received on international exhibitions.


Kandó Kálmán College of Electrical Engineerin
1989 Kandó Kálmán College of Electrical Engineering (teacher engineer)

1995 Hajnal Imre University of Medicine (optometrist, contactologist



  • Photoclub, Cegléd
  • Association of Cegléd Artists
  • World Association of Art Photographers
    • Photographic Society of America
  • 2006  National Association of Hungarian Artists
  • 2007  Society of Hungarian Art Photgraphers
  • 2008  Associate Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (AWIEP)
  • 2008  Artiste Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (AFIAP)


An Altruistic Supporter of our Cultural Diplomacy

In the time of digital photography, as a consequence of technological development the number of photographers has increased dramatically. The extensive spreading of digital photography makes a lot of people try their real or presumed artistic inclinations.

However, the professional forums of international photographic competitions still honor qualified expertise and and talent, helping laics - like me-, interested in arts, to find their ways more easily.


Arriving with a huge arsenal of expertise and know-how, Elek Papp „has burst into” both national and international photography in the past 4-5 years. His achievements are fascinating and would be enough even for a life’s work, since the young artist in his 40s has taken part with his juried artistic photos in 343 collective exhibitions in 14 countries since 2002. His talent has been rewarded with 148 prizes in 25 countries ( and this list is increasing day by day).

After all these it is not accidental that after 2005 he was awarded the title of THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR again in the next year, too and he was invited to be a member of PSA by the Association of American Photographers. His name is among L.M.O. Top 20 in „Who is Who in the Photography 2005” statistics of PSA Journal .


The young photographer, born in Nagykőrös (Hungary), is an engineer, a teacher, a qualified optopmetrist and a contactologist by profession, who was given a chance for inrtoduction in Mexico after having met each other by chance.

As a diplomat of Embassy of Hungary in Mexico City, which has done its best to help Hungarian culture to become known in Latin America, I myself urged his own exhibition, too.


The exhibition entitled „ A Master and his Follower – István Tóth and Elek Papp” also was a great success in 2004, which was organised on the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations. A lot of moments of his artistic experiences during his 3-week stay in Mexico recur in this photo album, in connection of which I can arrogate some right to call myself (a litle bit self-importantly) a co-author (remembering the memorable photo hunt in the way between Mexico City and Guadalajara).


In what way Elek Papp’s works are original and different from all others?

I was thinking a lot about these questions seeing the unaniomus enthusiasm of representatives of a totally different culture. I believe, the greatest attraction of his photos is the message itself, „creating a human-centered world for and around himself , which can be comprehended as a portrayal of society – in black and white.” - as he says. His artistic confession is: „ each picture should have its own message in the spirit of the trinity of content, form and technique, where the world of forms and the technical development should strengthten the content.”

First, I personally was touched by his coloured photos, the variety of themes and the „sharpness of sight”, I associated immediatelly with his profession. He works on the basis of srtict rules of classical photography, whose commom language is normally black and white, but „if I think the harmony of colours important, I call also colours for help.” – the artist underlines.

Besides having their political and economic roles our embassies are a kind of fortresses of cultural diplomacy especially in the faraway countries of the world. In the times with limited finantial possibilities chances are rarely given to show the internationally acknowledged works of Hungarian contemporary arts in Latin-America. That is why I highly appreciate the activity of the artists and artistic groups who –like Elek Papp -have helped the cultural work of our embassy in the past years.


Csaba Pólyi

Ambassador of Hungary in Mexico

Titular college teacher


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